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The American School in Switzerland (TASIS) is now able to offer its students access to the newly renovated Muzzano Sports Center, an expansive and versatile sports complex that can be configured to provide space for 12 badminton courts, four tennis courts, four volleyball courts, two basketball courts, or four indoor soccer fields.

The possibilities for the new complex, which has recently been outfitted with new bathrooms and changing rooms, are endless. “It’s going to enhance our athletic program immensely,” said TASIS Athletic Director Sonny Lim, whose Varsity Badminton team was the first to hold a practice at the Sports Center on Wednesday afternoon.

Lim expects the facility to primarily be used for team practices and recreation purposes for the time being, but he believes that it has the potential to host games and tournaments in the future. He acknowledges that many details about the Sports Center’s usage will need to be worked out in the coming months. “In time, I see this benefiting not only our students but the entire TASIS community,” he said.  

It has taken a tremendous amount of work to bring the Muzzano Sports Center to its current polished state. Led by architects Alessandro Preiano and Pierangelo Realini, and assisted by Business Manager Luca Ugolotti and TASIS Facilities Manager Michele Dinelli,  the major transformation from an abandoned warehouse to a high-tech, well-equipped, multi-purpose sports facility has been accomplished in only six months. Sports facility specialist Adler and Eisenhunt AG provided all the sports equipment.

Targeted for late spring, phase two of the Sports Center development will provide TASIS with a large fitness center and two multi-use studios for dance, yoga, pilates, spinning, martial arts, gymnastics, and theater.

The facility, which is about a five-minute drive from the main TASIS campus, will offer more than just athletic opportunities. It has a large kitchen that may be used on occasion during sports tournaments and for the TASIS Summer Program’s exciting new cooking course, La Cucina Italiana. Since October the facility has also served as the School’s primary Test Center. With eight rooms converted into classroom space, the center affords TASIS a quiet and comfortable place to offer nearly 20 TOEFL, SAT, and ACT exams each year—the latter two of which are also open to other high school students in the area.

While TASIS students will be transported to and from the Muzzano Sports Center in buses and school vehicles, ample parking is also available for private cars. The School will be hosting Open Houses for parents in the coming months and encourages them to make plans to visit this impressive addition to the campus. More information will be provided in upcoming weekly bulletins and on the TASIS website.

Directions to the Muzzano Sports Center

Heartfelt thanks to the many alumni who attended and even organized TASIS reunions this fall. Here's a review of Fall 2015 Reunions below:

All-Class Reunion DC,
November 20, 2015

PG '65 50-Year Reunion
November 20-21, 2015

Tokyo Reunion,
October 31, 2015

Class of 1990 25-Year Reunion, 
October 10-12, 2015

Class of 1985 30-Year Reunion
September 18-21, 2015



TASIS junior Laura Vecoli’s goal of creating an exchange program between TASIS Switzerland and TASIS England has been realized, as 10 Switzerland students will travel to England from February 14-19 this year. Vecoli has been pursuing the program since the start of the school year, and she recently worked out the final details after earning the approval and support from each school’s Headmaster.

All 10 exchange students are from the ninth-grade class, and each will correspond with one student from England both during and after the trip in an effort to build a new relationship that will continue in the future.

“Our founder M. Crist Fleming spoke often about the importance of family and friendships, and she worked hard to create a unity between the family of TASIS schools,” said Vecoli. “We are sister schools but don’t know much about each other, so the purpose of this project is to unite the schools and build stronger relationships.”

The students making this year’s trip were selected primarily because of their interest in Drama, History, or Service Learning, and they will spend the first half of the trip enjoying cultural activities in London and the second half shadowing students at TASIS England. They hope to host their new friends in Switzerland next year.

Theater Director Valerie Bijur Carlson and English Teacher Matt Federico will lead the inaugural trip, and Vecoli, who needs to be in Spain that week to fulfill her International Baccalaureate requirements but plans to visit TASIS England next year, will be in close contact with them throughout. She will meet with the chaperones and students afterward to review the trip and begin working on improvements for next year.

“My hope is that this becomes an annual tradition at TASIS and will be an exciting event that many students are eager to participate in,” she said.

We at TASIS would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a joyous and restful holiday season! We hope you have an opportunity to spend plenty of time with your loved ones, and may loving-kindness increase in the world and in our lives in the New Year.

Classes have now concluded for the Christmas Holiday. Elementary School classes will resume on Monday, January 11, and Middle School and High School classes will commence on Monday, January 18, following the wonderful TASIS tradition of Ski Week.

The TASIS Middle School held its annual Magnificent 7 Fall Virtue Awards Assembly on the afternoon of December 9 to honor students who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to the values prized by TASIS founder M. Crist Fleming: integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, humility, service, and vision.

The following students were nominated by members of the Middle School faculty and then selected as this year's winners.


Dealing honestly with each other and ourselves, and honoring our commitments

6th grade selection: Maria Zhuravleva

7th grade selection: Sofia Rita

8th grade selection: Enrique Gazaneo



Demonstrating an appreciation of the dignity of each human being and the beauty of the natural world


6th grade selection: Valentina Alencar Barros

7th grade selection: William Harting

8th grade selection: Carola Camilleri



Being accountable for our own actions; not blaming others for our mistakes or taking credit for another’s achievements; upholding obligations to others

6th grade selection: Alexia Dochnal

7th grade selection: Simona Xin Hu

8th grade selection: Anna Savinova



Treating others in a kind and caring way


6th grade selection: Adriana Romanovskaja

7th grade selection: Ella Abisi

8th grade selection: Jennifer Kraemer



Acknowledging our weaknesses and learning from them


6th grade selection: Pedro Cardoso Dias

7th grade selection: Paulina Karstens

8th grade selection: Hanna Osgood



Dedicating ourselves to making a positive contribution to our community and world


6th grade selection: Faye Losekoot

7th grade selection: Oliver Stufft

8th grade selection: Skye Rourke



Making sacrifices in the present to build a better future


6th grade selection: Alexander Ovsyannikov

7th grade selection: Giulio Bianco

8th grade selection: Moritz-Jacob Mohr

Each year TASIS holds a special assembly to honor seven High School students who have shown outstanding dedication to at least one of the qualities the School refers to as the Magnificent Seven—character traits that were extremely important to founder M. Crist Fleming.

It is a testament to Mrs. Fleming and her legacy that choosing just one TASIS student as the embodiment of each quality is a very difficult job. As Headmaster Lyle Rigg noted in his address to the student body that opened the assembly, “Although many of you are worthy candidates for consideration (and many of you were nominated by your teachers), we can only recognize a few members of our community today.”

Below is a list of the seven students who were recognized, a compilation of remarks from the teachers and advisors who nominated them, and a TASIS definition for each “Magnificent” quality.



Dealing honestly with each other and ourselves, and honoring our commitments

Jeremy Kopp ’16

“Jeremy is great in the dorm, in the classroom, and in advisory. He approaches everything with a high level of integrity and character. He has a serious sense of purpose and he always wants to do a good job and never cuts corners. If he does make a mistake, he owns up to it. He has a keen, analytical mind and figuring things out and making discoveries is of keen and sincere interest to him.”  


Demonstrating an appreciation of the dignity of each human being and the beauty of the natural world 

Francis Accilien ’19

“Considering that ‘respect’ usually takes a long time to develop through years of maturity, I believe that Francis is far ahead in this category for being just a 9th grader. He listens so carefully to what is being said by someone else, taking time to think over the ideas being offered and then thoughtfully formulating a response or opinion. Even though his ideas and remarks may not always be in agreement with those suggested by others, he is careful to ‘respect’ their opinions, realizing that there is not  just one way to think about a situation. I have never seen him try to push his ideas onto someone else, but rather he attempts to reach a better understanding of their viewpoint. He is able to demonstrate this ability when talking with his peers or when discussing matters with adults. He is also very good at taking advice from those with more experience, realizing how much knowledge he can obtain from their years of experience. I have an enormous amount of respect for him and his ideas because he has earned it through showing the same sort of respect to myself and others.”


Being accountable for our own actions; not blaming others for our mistakes or taking credit for another’s achievements; upholding obligations to others

Rebecca Wilson ’17

“Rebecca is a strong-minded young woman who expresses herself in straightforward ways. Generous, dependable and often smiling, she is honest to herself and is always prepared to express an opinion forcibly and to argue her point. In a busy and charged IB Diploma program, she takes time to not only honor a commitment to her work, but also to her friendships. She has very high standards for herself and in all that she does, and everything that she does, she does well. She is a valuable asset to our school community.”


Treating others in a kind and caring way

Tatyana Vukovic ’16

“Tatyana has grown substantially over the last two semesters. She feels everything. She is empathetic and compassionate. When she engages with a service group or sports team, she is 100% committed and shows great concern for those involved. Her caring personality and her mature attitude have made her a wonderful part of the dorm and a great proctor. She always has a kind word for her peers and helps others feel comfortable. She is a good leader and encourages others to be more involved in the school. She has a great sense of humor and is always pleasant and upbeat in her interactions with others.”


Acknowledging our weaknesses and learning from them

Diego Blank ’16

“Diego copes well with a very heavy workload. Simply put, he is doing everything right. He has strong dedication to his studies and to his learning. He puts in many hours studying, revising, and practicing, and he performs at high levels. He works hard and has had some solid accomplishments, things to be proud of, yet rather than boast, he always remains humble and is deeply appreciative of those around him.”


Dedicating ourselves to making a positive contribution to our community and world 

Eddy Sella ’16

“Eddy always makes me smile. His sense of humour and wittiness always brighten up my day. He is devoted to making TASIS a better learning environment for his peers. In advisory he is fully engaged and is full of insightful ideas. I can count on him to be a leader and to always step up to the plate when needed. He is compassionate, dedicated, and driven, and he has gained the respect of his peers and of faculty. He is level-headed, hardworking, and an inspiration to other students, and this is demonstrated in his role as president of the student council.”


Making sacrifices in the present to build a better future

Aida Loggiodici ’17

“It's ironic that Aida is receiving this award because I don't think she sees how special she is. I prefer to understand her ‘vision’ in terms of the clarity with which she seems to order her life. She precociously sees what is truly important, in her best interest, and conducive to happiness: she cultivates close relationships with her family, maintains meaningful friendships, engages in the pursuit of knowledge with intellectual curiosity, and loves the arts. This sagacious and discerning habit of mind creates a reassuring impression of balance and stability whenever I'm around her. I suppose that ‘clear vision’ in this sense is just a synonym for wisdom. I observe that she scans the past to make sense of it, analyzes the present to make the best of it, and looks into the future in order to envision herself as a satisfied part of it.”

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