TASIS Parent Association (TPA)

Current parents are members of the TASIS Parent Association (TPA).

Contact: tpa@tasis.ch for more information.



The TPA is committed to building a strong school community by

  • fostering a spirit of inclusion and cooperation within the school community.
  • promoting open communication between parents, teachers, and school administrators.
  • connecting the community through social events to make all families feel welcome.
  • enhancing the school environment through fundraising activities.

Run by parent volunteers, the TPA works closely with the TASIS administrative team to coordinate key programs and events throughout the year.

TPA Leadership 2016-2017

TPA Executive Committee:

  • President: Laura Colombo
  • Vice President: Muriel Aciman 
  • Secretary: open position
  • Treasurer: Lorenza Fiori

TPA Board Members:

  • Room Parent Coordinator: Brunella Pignaton
  • ES PSC Coordinator: Anne Dorthe Riis Tanderup
  • MS PSC Coordinator: Irina Svetlova
  • HS PSC Coordinator: Muriel Aciman

The TPA Executive Committee and TPA Board Members work together as the TPA Executive Board. 

TPA Organizing Committee Members:

  • Opening Day Coordinator: Laura Colombo
  • Community Life Coordinators: Vittoria Cannavale, Francesca Varano
  • Teacher Appreciation Coordinator: Muriel Aciman
  • ES Used Uniform Sale Coordinator: Melany Tekock, Natalia Milani 
  • MS & HS Used Uniform Sale Coordinators: Tammy Marini
  • Holiday Market Coordinators: Ursula Wehner, Laura Colombo
  • Santa Claus Visit to the ES Coordinator: Brunella Pignaton
  • Bake Sales Coordinators: Francesca Notarbartolo, A.K.
  • Focolare Bake Sales Coordinator: Brunella Pignaton
  • Fall Festival Coordinators: Laura Colombo, Andrea Cameroni
  • Halloween Brunch Coordinators (De Nobili): Muriel Aciman, Francesca Notarbartolo
  • Sports Banquets Coordinators: Carol Switzer, Ute Panella
  • ES Egg Hunt Coordinators: Francesca Notarbartolo, A.K.

October 2016

Parent Support Committee (PSC)


The mission of the PSC committee is to promote open communication between parents, teachers and school administrators.


The primary objective of the PSC committee is to create an open dialogue between parent representatives and the school, a direct channel of communication. It also is a platform for promoting dialogue, communicating families/parents feedback, common concerns and issues about academics, school events, trips and initiatives. In this way, parents and the school administration work together on solutions for these and other issues.


There is a separate PSC committee for each division: Elementary School (ES), Middle School (MS) and High School (HS). Each of these committees is comprised of parents, representing American and Italian sections, different nationalities, multiple languages and all grades.

Each Division-level committee meets regularly with its respective school administrators to discuss and find solutions about topics and issues brought forth by parents during the school year. Each committee has a maximum of eight PSC members including a PSC Coordinator selected by TPA and school Administration.


PSC meeting are scheduled with Faculty and the Headmaster four times per year. Each PSC coordinator sets up meeting dates with the Administration before the end of the school year.

Each PSC committee has a one hour meeting with:

  • School Headmaster;
  • ES Head, MS Academic Dean and MS Dean of Student Affairs, HS Academic Dean, HS Dean of Student, Italian Section Coordinator (ES and MS) according to each division;
  • If relevant, other school leaders and employees, if the headmaster deems appropriate and helpful;
  • Director of Learning Resource Center, should attend one meeting during the year upon request.

Each PSC coordinator shares agenda points at least 24 hours before the meeting and minutes after the meeting with administration for approval.

Minutes will be written in a same format for all Divisions and they will be added to Bulletin under Highlights from PSC Meeting before the next meeting. PSC members communicate regularly during the year to stay aligned on the shared vision of PSC.

To get involved in the PSC, please contact the relevant PSC Chairperson.

  • Elementary School (ES):
    • Anne Dorthe Riis Tanderup - ES PSC Coordinator (Grade 6) Languages: Danish, English, Italian, German
    • Brunella Pignaton (Grade 1, Italian section) Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, English
    • Francesca Varano (Grade 3, Italian section) Languages: Italian, English
    • Katya Grigorian (Grade 3, American section) Languages: Russian, English
    • Muriel Aciman (Grade 4, Italian section) Languages: Turkish, Italian, English, French
    • Anne Kathrine Halvorsen, (Grade 4, American section) Languages: Danish, English
    • Francesca Notarbartolo (Grade 5, American section) Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish

  • Middle School (MS):
    • Irina Svetlova - MS PSC Coordinator (Grade 6) Languages spoken: Russian, English
    • Janine Carlini (Grades 8 and 6) Languages spoken: English, Italian
    • Lorenza Fiori (Grades 7 and 8) Languages spoken: Italian, English
    • Alessandro Lo Monaco (Grade 7) Languages spoken: Italian, English
    • Ute Panella (Grade 7) Languages spoken: German, English, Italian, French
    • Anne Dorthe Riis Tanderup (Grades 9 and 7) Languages spoken: Danish, English, Italian

  • High School (HS):
    • Muriel Aciman – HS PSC Coordinator (Grade 9) Languages spoken: Turkish, English, Italian, French
    • Tammy Hibbard – Secretary (Grade 11) Languages spoken: English, Italian 
    • Nancy Perdomo (Grade 11) Languages spoken: English, Italian
    • Francesca Varano Capacci (Grade 12) Languages spoken: Italian, English
    • Ute Panella (Grade 11) Languages spoken: German, Italian, English, French  
    • Oksana Novak (Grade 12) Languages spoken: Russian, English, Italian 
    • Vibeke Stanford (Grade 12) Languages spoken: Norwegian, English, Italian
    • Hanne Wibholm Hansen (Grade 9) Languages spoken: Danish, English, 
    • Katja Mohr (Grade 9) Languages spoken: German, English, Italian

TPA Events and Ongoing Activities

Throughout the year, the TPA organizes events and activities that promote school spirit and enhance the school environment.


  • Fall Festival
    Each year students celebrate Halloween with games, family fun, scary treats for all, and trick-or-treating for elementary students.
  • Holiday Market
    The one-day Holiday Market features unique products offered by local vendors.
  • Egg Hunt
    Held just before spring break each year, the Egg Hunt is a festive occasion for elementary students with crafts, games, and prizes for the whole family.
  • Spring Gala
    Held every two to three years, this themed event aims to raise money for specific campus development projects. 

Ongoing Activities

  • Gently-Used Uniform Sale – Throughout the year, the TPA accepts donations of clean uniforms in good condition. These are sold at a kiosk on Opening Day and on the first Monday of each month.
  • Bake Sales – Held throughout the year, these sales feature delicious homemade treats.

Campus Life Activities

The Campus Life Committee’s activities focus on creating a spirit of inclusion within the school community. Activities include:

  • Teacher Appreciation
    The TPA coordinates parent initiatives to support teachers including teacher gifts and an annual teacher appreciation lunch for all TASIS faculty and staff.
  • Room Parent Program
    Each ES class has a room parent dedicated to supporting the teacher’s activities throughout the year, including the Christmas Lunch, a visit from Santa, ice cream at Field Day, frittelle at Carnevale, and help with costumes.

Community Life Activities

The Community Life Committee connects our families through on- and off-campus events and activities.

  • Gite (Day Trips)
    Discover hidden treasures in the villages and mountains of Ticino and in Lombardy, Italy through a gita (an outing)! Throughout the year, TASIS parents organize gite to encourage friendships between new and existing TASIS families as we learn about our beautiful local surroundings.
  • TPA Lunches
    Held regularly throughout the school year, these popular lunches are a great way to welcome new families and catch up with other TASIS parents.

Booster Club

The Booster Club supports our TASIS sports teams and assists the Athletic Director and coaches. Possibilities for parent volunteering include:

  • help planning sports banquets.
  • acting as team parents for specific teams.
  • organizing coach appreciation gifts.

How to get involved

All of the exciting activities and events that the TPA does throughout the year would not be possible without a strong group of volunteer parents that make them happen. Please email tpa@tasis.ch to get involved and help make the TPA even stronger.

Newsletters & Documents

Remember to follow the TPA Facebook page for more announcements and information!

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