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SHP Speaker: Steve Hahn | February 20, 2017

Date: Monday - February 20, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Palmer Cultural Center

Steve Hahn

Steven Hahn is an author, a teacher, and a serious collector and connoisseur of anecdotes. He also has been a filmmaker for major studios, a working musician, and one heck of a line cook.

Mr. Hahn earned a BFA from New York University and an M.Ed. from The City College of New York, and he has recently completed his coursework towards his Ed.D at the University of British Columbia. He is now knee-deep in research.

Prior to his work in formal education, Mr. Hahn worked as a filmmaker and writer in that mysterious land known as Hollywood. He rubbed elbows with movie stars, competitively raced studio bicycles around the studio back lot, and wrote and sold movie scripts. He currently teaches English at St. John’s School, an elite IB high school in Vancouver, BC, and is a screenwriting instructor at the University of British Columbia.

A lifelong musician and artist, Mr. Hahn spends much of his time outside of school performing music and working on his mediocre painting skills. Most of his free time, however, is spent on the mats training Brazilian jiu jitsu, adding to a long list of injuries competing against opponents half his age and twice his size. He looks very much forward to meeting the students of TASIS.