The TASIS Global Village

TASIS Global Village

1) M. Crist Fleming Library, classrooms, & dorm

2) Monticello classrooms & dorm

3) Casetta offices

4) Palestra Sports Center

5) Lanterna faculty apartments, classrooms, & dorm

6) Lanterna classrooms & dorm

7) Fiametta classrooms

8) Donald D. MacDermid Music & Student Center*

9) Ferit ┼×ahenk Fine Arts Center & Palestrina gym

10) Palmer Cultural Center

11) Corona Dormitory*

12) Villa De Nobili dorm, offices, health center, & dining

13) Campo Science Center

14) Belvedere dorm & classrooms

15) Balmelli dorm

16) Del Sole dorm

17) Ca’ Piccola dorm

18) Aurora classrooms

19) Casa Fleming

21) Hadsall dorm & ES classrooms*

22) Valzonico Elementary School classrooms*

23) Hadsall East Terrace*

24) Hadsall Elementary School S. Wing*

25) Scuderia dorm

26) Giani dorm

27) Campo Playing Field*

28) Basketball court, pool, & changing rooms*

*To be realized

In 1996, TASIS engaged classical architect and urban designer David Mayernik to develop a Master Plan for the TASIS campus. The result is a long-term plan that is not only tailored to the needs of the School but also serves as a model for the world as an ideal academic community. The guiding idea of the Master Plan is to create a village environment to foster a sense of community, complete with green spaces, open piazzas, and multi-functional buildings. The Plan also places sustainable development at the forefront. TASIS has since become renowned as an example and advocate of sustainable campus design.

The TASIS Global Village is an internationally-recognized leader in stewardship and sustainability. Completing the Global Village requires continued dedication, hard work, and financial support over many years. The challenge is enormous and exciting! Since its founding in 1956, TASIS has established its reputation as the oldest and finest American boarding school in Europe, and as the School realizes its Global Village Master Plan it has also developed the most beautiful campus in Europe: a shining light for Ticino, and a proud expression of America’s contributions to international culture.

Read more about the History and Future of the Master Plan.

If you'd like to participate and help TASIS make the completion of the Global Village Master Plan a reality, contact Yvonne Procyk in the Alumni and Development Office. Please also see The TASIS Global Village: Trajectory 1996 to 2028 to learn more about how you can be part of the change that will secure TASIS's standing as one of the most academically-challenging institutions in the world.

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