Love's Labour's Lost a big hit at TASIS [watch entire performance]
Posted 11/13/2015 03:00PM

Congratulations to Director Valerie Bijur Carlson and the entire cast and crew of Shakespeare’s hilarious comedy Love’s Labour’s Lost for three outstanding performances in front of packed houses on November 12, 13, and 15. The opening-night performance can be viewed by clicking on the video clip below, and please enjoy many terrific photos from School Photographer Kim Nelson.

Ms. Carlson was quite pleased with how her talented cast and crew handled this challenging play:

Love's Labour's Lost is often considered a “labour” to produce comprehensively, as it is a play rife with wordplay and literary, historical, and mythological references that had the Elizabethan audiences rolling in the aisles, though can be confusing for modern audiences. For us, though, it was truly a “labour of love” to discover how to convey the slightly (or very!) ridiculous characters, the humorous look at our foibles and follies, and the rich humanity with which Shakespeare filled this play. Cast and crew alike dug in with curiosity, perseverance, and cheerful spirits. While most of our audience members did not catch the precise meanings of all of the verbal text, we heard from many viewers that the actors' physicality, facial expressions, and tones conveyed the essence of their relationships and the plot. They also told us that it was clear at every moment that the actors knew what they were saying and that everyone was always “in it,” whether the focus of a scene or not. I couldn't be prouder.

Love's Labour's Lost Cast
Sax, the court musician Tommaso Long
Jaquenetta, a kitchen maid Georgia Mantegazza*
Madame Holofernes, a school teacher Defne Sahenk
Father Nathaniel, a minister of the Church Sara Ilic
King Ferdinand of Navarre Adam Osgood^
Lord Berowne, companion of the king John Tabor Gage*
Lord Longaville, companion of the king Esma Karuv
Lord Dumaine, companion of the king Stanislav Biryukov
Sergeant Dull, a policeman Mr. Alec Ogilvie
Don Adriana de Armado, a visiting Spanish lord Aida Loggiodice
Mote, a boy in service to Don Armado Skye Rourke
Claud, a violinist in service to Don Armado Hanna Osgood
Lord Boyet, attendant to the princess Hugo Rourke
The Princess, daughter of the King of France Camilla Aggerholm*
Lady Rosaline, companion of the princess Margherita Vanini*
Lady Maria, companion of the princess Isabella Piconi
Lady Katharine, companion of the princess Paulina Gazin
Ladies’ Maids Ms. Ann Haldy & Ms. Kim Goldsworthy
Forester, the King’s huntsman Mr. Thomas Joyce
Marcade, messenger from the French Court  Dr. Christopher Love
Ladies of the Navarese Court Svetlana Esmukhanova, Vladlena Ivannikova^, & Emily Lewis
* IB Theatre student   ^ Drama class student
Love's Labour's Lost Production Team
Director  Ms. Valerie Bijur Carlson 
Stage Managers Amanda McAfee & Zoe Ghirardi
Costume Design & Construction Ms. Giulia Fratini
Asst. Costumers & Wardrobe Crew Isabel Gonzalaz Diaz & Christelle Mezzadri
Make-up & Hair Design & Crew Lisa Tregubova & Angelina Not
Set Design Aida Loggiodice, Sofia Buzzonetti, & Ms. Carlson
Props Design Anna Mizintseva & Georga Yordanov
Scenic Painting Aida Loggiodice with Sofia Buzzonetti, Edoardo Sella, Nadia Tsoy, Mrs. Rose Gazin, Delaney & Greer McKee, Meredith Hartge,   Moritz Mohr, Skye Rourke, Hanna Osgood, & Ms. Katrin Merabet
Prop/Scene Shop Anna Mizintseva, Georga Yordanov, Mr. Todd Bearden, Mr. Greg Lemoine, Mr. KC McKee, Mr. David Z Peters, Ms. Julie Frazier-Smith, Ms. Carlson, Ms. Marianna Peruzzo, & Mr. Giovanni Voegeli
Lighting Design / Board Operators Annalisa Billi & Edoardo Sella
“Sigh No More” Choreography Ms. Andra Yount
“Sigh No More” Arrangement Mr. Jonathan Morris
Sound Design Mr. David Z Peters
Master Electricians Mr. Pietro Bassi & Ms. Carlson
Production Assistance & Running Crew Giuseppe Battista, Edoardo Italia, Anjie Lu, & Gaia Torchiani
Program Editors Ms. Carlson, Ms. Kristin Pedroja, Mr. Jacopo Riva
Poster/Program Art Micol Zardi
Photography Ms. Kim Nelson, Mr. Frank Long, Edoardo Sella
Videography/Live Streaming Mr. Mark Chevalier & Mr. Frank Long
House Manager Moritz Mohr



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