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School Nurse
Posted 01/15/2019 02:39PM

Position: School Nurse
Department: Faculty
Supervisor: Headmaster

General Overview

The School Nurses report to the Headmaster and are responsible for the provision of health and wellness to all students, faculty members, and personnel. All tasks are approved by and under the direction of a medical director. Any required invasive procedures—such as intravenous infusion, blood work, and suturing—are performed at a doctor’s office or hospital.

Specific responsibilities

Clinical Services

  • attend to health needs for all students/faculty/staff during the day from 7:45 to 16:30 Monday through Thursday and until 16:00 on Friday
  • provide “on-call” services for boarding students and dorm parents 24/7
  • assess student/faculty/staff complaints by using various tools, such as vital signs, visual exams, and verbalization of symptoms; note: physical injuries are evaluated through mechanism of injury and a  visual and physical examination; any conditions warranting more than over-the-counter medications or rest are referred to a doctor
  • dispense over-the-counter medications in accordance with the assessment of the patient’s complaints and under the direction of a medical director
  • schedule all health-related appointments (medical/dental/ophthalmology/physiotherapy/psychiatry/diagnostic testing) for boarding students; coordinate transportation for these appointments; accompany boarding students to the appointments as necessary
  • accompany all boarding students to the Pronto Soccorso (hospital emergency services) and report the results of the visit to the parents, DA, dorm head, dorm parent, and advisor
  • follow protocols when emergencies occur, such as severe allergic reactions, severe physical injuries, or drug overdose; these include calling an ambulance, staying with student/faculty/staff, communicating to the paramedics, following the ambulance to the hospital if it is a student, remaining there until the student is stabilized or a parent has arrived, and communicating with the parents and administrators of the school
  • provide ongoing health counseling/education to students, parents, staff, or health agencies
  • prepare dorm medical kits for each dorm
  • prepare detailed First Aid kits for school-related travel, including Academic Travel and Service Learning trips
  • follow protocols—communicated by parents—regarding specific health needs of a particular child
  • manage the medication inventory in the clinic and dorm kits on an ongoing basis


  • review and document medical information of students in advance of Opening Day
  • attend Opening Day registration for HS, MS, and ES and review medical information already received, requesting general medical information from those who have not submitted it
  • collect prescription medications from boarding students on Opening Day and throughout the year, with corresponding documentation in each student’s file; dispense this medication to the individual student on a scheduled basis 
  • document all visits in the student’s records, indicating the date of the visit, the complaint, and the treatment provided
  • develop protocols on an ongoing basis in the management of communicable diseases
  • electronically maintain medical records for all students in Veracross, including immunizations, general health conditions, and medications
  • maintain and update the Policy and Procedural Manual


  • maintain attendance of students in Veracross for absences due to health-related issues
  • complete Accident Reports when boarding students are injured and submit them to the Business Office
  • maintain communication with the doctors, pharmacists, and dentists associated with the TASIS community
  • communicate with other doctors/specialists as necessary and report results to parents
  • communicate with parents/dorm parents/advisors/teachers/ES Head/MS and HS Deans/DA/Headmaster regarding health issues and concerns
  • communicate special dietary requirements of students to the School Chef and Food Service Manager
  • send announcements to parents on pertinent health issues, such as head lice and other childhood communicable diseases
  • review the student and faculty handbooks as necessary (Health Center section)


  • provide services to the faculty in general, and dorm parents specifically, about the Policies and Procedures that are applicable to them and to the dorms on specific health and hygiene topics
  • serve as a resource to all members of the TASIS community
  • check all epi pens located in the defibrillator boxes around campus annually to ensure they are not expired
  • attend the weekly SST meetings for MS and HS and other school meetings as requested
  • work closely with the School Counselor on issues related to the mental well-being of students
  • provide health services at the HS Ski Adventure
  • submit invoices to the Business Office on a monthly basis for medications charged to students and faculty members
  • set up/dismantle the Health Center at the beginning and end of each academic year

Professional skills

  • general interest in the health and well being of the TASIS community (students, faculty, and staff)
  • physical and medical assessment skills and knowledge of medical terminology
  • ability to exercise professional judgment in making decisions related to health
  • ability to communicate appropriately and effectively with students, parents, administrators, and external health professionals
  • good organizational skills and ability to multitask
  • basic computing skills
  • language skills: English fluency plus basic knowledge of one of the official languages of Switzerland

Education requirements

  • Studies/Diploma/Degree in Nursing (Registered Nurse in good standing)
  • CPR and First Aid certification


Candidates with interest in this position should complete the Faculty Employment Application by Tuesday, February 5.
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