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Athletic Director
Posted 02/06/2019 04:01PM

Position: Athletic Director & Head of Physical Education
Department: Athletic & Physical Education Department
Supervisor: Head of School

General overview of position:

Reporting to the Head of School, the Athletic Director (AD) is responsible for the overall supervision, management, and direction of the athletic program school-wide and co-curricular program in the High School. The program includes school-sponsored and school-authorized activities in which TASIS students participate or which involve the use of the school’s facilities and/or equipment. The AD will work in close collaboration with the school’s leadership team and faculty to ensure that co-curricular activities operate in a safe manner and provide students worthwhile learning experiences that align with the philosophy and core values of TASIS.

The goals of TASIS’s athletic program are to optimize the opportunity of participation for our students and to promote a high level of skill development and performance participation. In conjunction with individual coaches/sponsors, and with the support of the TASIS administration and staff, the AD will establish and will communicate to students and parents clear and timely information for each activity consistent with the objectives, requirements, and expectations of the program. The AD will likewise be responsible for developing and maintaining the best possible relations with the TASIS community and general public, in line with our mission to offer a balanced and engaging learning environment enriched by being in Switzerland and strengthened by collaboration with parents and external partnerships.

Specific responsibilities:

1. Leadership and Supervision

  • Recruiting, supervising and evaluating department and office personnel to the highest standards and in alignment with TASIS’s mission and core values
  • Delegating the day-to-day operation of the program while maintaining effective overall supervision
  • Hiring coaches, and evaluating the performance of individual coaches/sponsors as far as possible in collaboration with the Head of School and HR
  • Ensuring that coaches/sponsors uphold the rules, policies and protocols of the TASIS Co-curricular program
  • Providing auxiliary services that help faculty to fulfill their co-curricular responsibilities
  • Helping to locate in-service opportunities to upgrade skills and expertise in their activity
  • Providing guidelines and criteria to coaches and sponsors for written communications/descriptions of co-curricular activities to students and their parents
  • Working with the Head of School to staff the program with competent, qualified personnel
  • Working with the leadership team to ensure policies, programs, objectives and goals are consistent with best practices locally and worldwide, and that they align with the school’s mission, core values and policies
  • Supervising the School Nurses and working with Facilities and Security to ensure that support services and emergency response systems are maintained at the highest standards to maintain the health and safety of the children.
  • Preparing, managing and overseeing the annual budget
  • Developing an annual report on: Numbers of students in the co-curricular program, Budget responsibility, Qualitative Analysis, Staffing/Supervision
  • Soliciting and maintaining program sponsorship where appropriate

2. Development, coordination, and implementation of programs and activities

  • Responsible for development, coordination and implementation of collaborative programs, activities and competitions with local and international institutions as appropriate, not limited to the following organizations and teams/groups: SGIS, ESC and NISSA.
  • Coordinating and organizing student travel and hosting
  • Scheduling and booking of venues and facilities, resolving conflicts as they occur
  • Arranging officials/referees/judges; mediating disagreements between coaches/sponsors and referees
  • Leading in the scheduling and directing of tournaments and events
  • Liaising with Food and Maintenance contractors for program set-up needs and facility maintenance
  • Collecting from coaches/sponsors the records kept of each high school and middle school team for each season
  • Sending rosters/programs to the following as needed: faculty and counselors to identify students with academic problems, parents, etc.
  • Assisting coaches/sponsors with the inventory of all uniforms and supplies, and arranging for team photos
  • Planning and executing special events, e.g. MS and HS athletic banquets, ordering plaques, trophies and awards when needed, preparing event certificates and thank-you letters
  • Ordering materials and approving/supervising expenditures for each activity
  • Helping to identify team parent sponsors/chaperones

3. Communications and Community Relations

  • Representation of the school at conferences, AD networking events and any other activities involving participation of TASIS teams/groups
  • Liaison between the PTA and coaches/sponsors/teams
  • Approving and monitoring use of the campus by outside groups, in coordination with Facilities, Security and the Administrative team
  • Overseeing communications with all constituencies ensuring that messages are timely, easy to understand, easily accessible, and supported by the appropriate levels of detail
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining the Activities and Athletics calendars, daily bulletin announcements, etc.
  • Liaising with the Communications department to coordinate photography, videography, and write-ups for articles highlighting and promoting the activities program to both internal and external audiences
  • Attending divisional faculty meetings and parent coffees as needed

Summary of education background and professional experience:

The person appointed to this position is expected to have

  • A Masters’s degree and preferably current teaching qualifications
  • At least five years of successful experience as a teacher and/or coach
  • Qualifications in and/or past experience in athletic administration or administrative leadership
  • Proven successful experience in a leadership role, preferably in a school setting

Professional skills:

The person appointed to this position is expected to have

  • Commitment and integrity
  • A sound understanding of the philosophy of the co-curricular program and the needs of students with regard to co-curricular activities
  • Knowledge of the overall operation of a co-curricular program
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity, able to clearly communicate both orally and in writing to a diverse group of cultures and in diverse settings
  • A strong background with keeping a balance budget and attention to detail
  • Scheduling experience
  • Proven organizational skills
  • Excellent problem-solving, conflict resolution and team-building skills
  • Strong listening skills
  • Demonstrated proficiency in required technology

Interested candidates should complete the Faculty Employment Application.

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