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The Tempest Performed
Posted 11/14/2009 05:12PM

Amazing things can be accomplished in very few days when a theater is scheduled to open! Both the students performing in this Fall's Shakespeare production and the workers finishing the Palmer Cultural Center worked overtime to make sure that on Thursday night, November 5, 2009 The Tempest could open. And, open it did!!

For four straight nights the theater was filled with family, friends, and TASIS faculty/staff to watch the TASIS Fall Shakespeare production. The students had only a few nights of actual rehearsal in the PCC (Palmer Cultural Center) with much of their blocking and rehearsals taking place in Aurora and during their Academic Travel trip to Capitignano. One dress rehearsal was all that the cast was able to squeeze in to the PCC before opening.

Many students in this historic performance were first time actors on the TASIS Stage. Senior Andrew Pelly took on the leading role of Prospero, shared with faculty member, Mark Aeschliman. Many of the other actors speak English as their second or third language, and to tackle Shakespeare is quite a challenge.

TASIS theater director, Kay Hamblin, is never one to shy away from a challenge, however, as evidenced by her many years of performing in the Hadsall theater, the Pavillion ("the tent"), and Aurora. Now, the TASIS theater has a home, and a big thank you and congratulations to Kay for her many years of pushing the dream along.

Enjoy photos from the play in the TASIS Media Gallery, view/purchase images on TASIS Smugmug.

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