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International Baccalaureate (IB) Program Coordinator
Posted 09/09/2019 01:18PM

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program Coordinator

Full-time position starting August 2020

The IB Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the IB diploma program at TASIS and for promoting excellence in that program.

The IB Coordinator role includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Role within the TASIS pedagogical structure

  • To be part of the pedagogical leadership at TASIS and to represent the program and its stakeholders through membership of the High School Academic Team (A Team) and other leadership groups within the school as necessary.
  • To report to the HS Academic Dean.
  • Liaise with the relevant school leaders as necessary regarding the IB within the academic structure at TASIS.
  • To be responsible for ensuring the enrichment of teaching and learning in accordance with the requirements of the IB program.
  • To take a pivotal role in the collaborative planning process and to ensure that there is discussion of pedagogical aspects of the program, the dissemination of information and collaboration in the planning, teaching and assessing of the program.
  • Organizing an annual IB Diploma review and updating the IB Action Plan accordingly.
  • To provide an IB report for each Board of Directors meeting as necessary.
  • To receive, respond to, and report on IB results in the summer in a timely manner.
  • To respond to and address teacher, student, and family queries about IB over the summer, including any queries relating to college admissions.
  • To work with College Counseling during the summer as necessary to help students with any needs that may arise regarding entry into college or university.
  • To teach one section of a subject in the High School.

IB Contact, Evaluation, Standards and Practices and General Regulations

  • Oversee the IB evaluation/self-study required for continued authorization of the IB Diploma Program at TASIS.
  • To maintain regular contacts with the IBO and administer, distribute, complete and return all relevant documentation pertaining to the IB Program.
  • To guarantee adherence to the General Regulations of the IB.
  • To review and apply the IB standards and practices to meet and exceed IB requirements.
  • To review and regularly update the TASIS IB Action Plan.

The IB Student Application Process

  • To review and establish entry criteria in consultation with the academic leadership.
  • To provide information and counseling to prospective students and parents regarding the IB and alternative programs at TASIS.
  • To advise on student IB course selection and all aspects of the IB application process.
  • To create and update documents/website required for the applications process.
  • To work with TASIS Admissions Office regarding applications concerning the IB.

IB Department Heads and Teachers

  • Assist in the hiring of new IB teachers and consult with the Academic Dean and Department Heads regarding allocation of teaching assignments.
  • Leading and assisting Heads of Department Heads in all aspects of the delivery of the IB.
  • Supporting and advising IB faculty regarding the administration of the IB so that they can meet and exceed the expectations of TASIS and the IB.
  • Communicating any relevant information concerning the academic progress of individual IB students.

Teaching and learning

  • Keep abreast of current IB developments and current pedagogy and to plan for and implement appropriate changes in a timely fashion.
  • To encourage and enable collaborative planning.
  • To ensure that IB approaches to teaching and learning (ATLs) underpin the teaching and learning in the IB.
  • To promote and integrate the IB Learner Profile within the IB.
  • Participate in the school Professional Growth and Evaluation Program (PGE) as an observer and as part of the leadership team.

IB Assessments

  • To plan and coordinate an effective well-scheduled program of internal formative and summative assessments.
  • Oversee the submission of external and internal assessments to the IB.
  • Coordinate and run the May IB exam session.
  • Oversee the issue of results in July. Disseminate the results to the IB teachers and the academic leadership. Coordinate the analysis and reflection on those results through examination and discussion of the raw data (IBIS) and data analysis from other sources e.g. Acadamigo, CEM+.
  • To undertake a value-added analysis of the TASIS IB program (e.g. CEM+)
  • Plan and run mock exams in year 1 and coordinate activities for the study period at the end of the second semester.
  • Plan and run an IB Academic Travel trip for mock exams and review during the winter academic travel period in year 2.
  • Oversee the predicted grades process required for university applications.

Professional development

  • To remain abreast of developments in the IB program through attendance at the annual Swiss IB Coordinators’ meeting each September and other relevant meetings/workshops e.g. the IBAEM Annual Conference.
  • To plan and oversee the professional development of IB teachers to meet IB expectations and requirements, and to plan for external workshops and in-house training opportunities as well as facilitating the sharing of best practice among IB teachers.

The Extended Essay

  • To oversee and coordinate the Extended Essay (EE) program in collaboration with the EE Coordinator.
  • To collaborate on the writing of the EE Handbook.

Creativity, Activity, Service

  • To oversee and coordinate the CAS program in collaboration with the CAS Coordinator.
  • To collaborate on the writing of the CAS Handbook.

Theory of Knowledge

  • To oversee and coordinate the TOK program, including TOK Across the Curriculum, with the TOK Coordinator and Academic Dean.

IB Seminar

  • Plan the curriculum for the IB Seminar classes with the EE and CAS Coordinators and teach those IB Seminar classes when appropriate (induction of IB students, IB contract, use of ManageBac, IB Learner Profile, ATLs, TASIS IB policy documents such as academic honesty, etc.)

IB Teaching Resources

  • To disseminate information regarding resources available to support teaching and learning and to monitor the resources being used.
  • To oversee an annual review of teaching resources by department heads.


  • Annually review and update the TASIS IB policies relating to academic honesty, modern languages, assessment, admissions, and inclusive education.

College admissions

  • Liaising with the TASIS College Counseling Office regarding predicted grades and course choice requirements for university.


  • Manage or oversee all budgets relating to the IB, such as IB purchases, IB professional development, and IB fees.
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