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Elementary/Middle School Music Teacher
Posted 01/11/2020 05:40PM

Job Description

The Middle School Music Teacher will be responsible for all curricular and teaching activities, including leading extracurricular after-school subject-related activities of Choir, Ensemble, and Spring Musical.

MS Teacher Job Description

Job Specification

Multi-instrumentalist; competent pianist and accompanist (good sight-reading skills essential); experienced choral and ensemble director; experienced classroom practitioner, particularly grades 6-8. Applicants need to be computer literate and comfortable using specific types of music technology software—in particular, Garageband, Logic Pro X, Sibelius, and Allegro Finale.

Additional Expectations:

  • To initiate innovative and practical teaching strategies and platforms suitable to the development and application of both music theory and performance practice throughout all areas of the Middle School music program.
  • To prepare appropriate performance repertoire to serve all annual music-related events, such as Family Weekend, Christmas Service, International Week, Spring Arts Festival, MS Graduation Ceremony performers.
  • To participate in and lead (where required) regular student performances, recital programs, cultural assemblies, choral and instrumental programs. 

Curriculum Development:

  • To ensure that documentation of curriculum programs (ATLAS RUBICON) are current and up to date.
  • To participate in appropriate professional/ in-service development programs.
  • Be prepared to liaise and communicate with both ES and HS music staff specific to current developments in teaching practice, research, and literature.
  • To liaise with the Department Chair and the Events Coordinator concerning special and external curricula activities and events connected to the music program.
  • To research and be responsible for the supply of appropriate texts and additional resources to support the development of the curriculum. 


  • To liaise with the Department Chair regarding appropriate practices and procedures for common testing and assessment.
  • To liaise with the Department Chair regarding the school’s reporting and disclosure procedures.
  • To liaise with the Department Chair and Head of Lower school in the planning of timetable/scheduling structures that support curriculum programs.
  • To research and supply equipment and resources necessary for the development of the practical MS music program.
  • To attend all Departmental and Faculty meetings as and when scheduled. 


  • To effectively communicate with the Department Chair for any and all resourcing needs regarding expenditure from Department funds specific to the Music program.
  • To comply with the school’s purchasing procedures and liaise with both the Head of Department regarding the expenditure of the combined music fund, in particular where it is concerned with after-school music activities.

To apply for this position, please complete the Faculty Employment Application and send your resume and cover letter to Timothy Fitzgerald, Lower School Head, at


Faculty Employment Application

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