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High School Announces this Fall's Magnificent Seven
Posted 12/01/2016 02:31PM

Each fall and spring, the TASIS High School holds a special assembly to honor seven students who exemplify at least one of the qualities the School refers to as the Magnificent Seven. These timeless virtues—Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Humility, Service, and Vision—are character traits that were of utmost importance to founder M. Crist Fleming and continue to be highly valued by the TASIS community today.

The fall selections are determined by nominations made by the faculty. Below is a list of the seven recipients—announced at the assembly by Headmaster Lyle Rigg, High School Academic Dean Dr. Mark Abisi, and High School Dean of Students KC McKee—and a summary of the citations offered by those who nominated them.


Dealing honestly with each other and ourselves, and honoring our commitments

Fall 2016 selection: Fiona Perdomo ’17

“Hard-working, optimistic, and often smiling, she has been my advisee since grade nine. If the truth were told, it is difficult to do her justice as a student or even say anything original about her that has not already been said. But let’s try. There are certainly many facets to her: academically, she works very hard and deals with the daily challenges the IB throws up; socially, she has a range of close friendships, and they speak of a very kind and caring person. Those who meet her for the first time sense she is a good person, and while she holds some outspoken views, she always argues sincerely and from a position that clearly considers and values decency and honesty as important. This maturity and these traits are also translated onto the sports field, where she is known to be a highly competitive soccer player, but one also equally known for her fair play in all situations. She typifies the very best of a TASIS student, and her integrity will both mark her progress and serve her well as she enters the rewarding world of medicine she aspires to.”



Demonstrating an appreciation of the dignity of each human being and the beauty of the natural world

Fall 2016 selection: Raffaella Alencar Barros ’19

“Given not only her success in academics and athletics, but also her remarkable work ethic, Raffaella could be tempted to discredit or diminish the contributions others have made to her life. What impresses me most is the vigor with which Raffaella refuses this temptation. She is almost invariably the first student or advisee to thank a faculty member for a lesson or assistance. After winning an individual award for Cross Country, I complimented Raffaella on her victory. Her response was to deflect the exclusive compliment and congratulate her team for its efforts. In Advisor sessions, Raffaella expresses excitement for her peer's accomplishments and empathy for their struggles. If the word "respect," in its Latin root, suggests a tendency to "look back" at one's community while moving forward, Raffaella is exemplary in her practice of this quality."



Being accountable for our own actions; not blaming others for our mistakes or taking credit for another’s achievements; upholding obligations to others

Fall 2016 selection: Adam Novak ’17

“Adam somehow finds the time to balance his five AP courses with being the most improved varsity soccer player in the fall, and he maintains a sense of humor and positive attitude throughout it all. It would be difficult to find someone in the school who had a bad word to say about Adam. He is well-liked by his peers, respected by his teachers, and has been on the high Dean's List each semester of his high school career. His joy for learning, academic focus, humor, and ability to always do the right thing have made him an asset to the TASIS High School community for the last four years.”



Treating others in a kind and caring way

Fall 2016 selection: Mina Hong ’18

“The Dalai Lama said, ‘Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.’ Mina has a quiet consideration for others, often putting their needs ahead of her own. She will put herself in someone else’s shoes and will listen to others without judgment. Her dorm parents write, ‘It certainly isn’t easy being a liaison between the Monticello girls and Dorm Parents, but Mina has learned how to navigate this role with compassion and respect for everyone. It seems that she is really enjoying her Proctor position and life in general this year. We always see her smiling, laughing and spending time with friends. It’s been wonderful getting to know the silly, playful side of her personality, and we also know that we can rely on her for anything in the dorm.’”



Acknowledging our weaknesses and learning from them

Fall 2016 selection: Tennessee Hildebrand ’17

“Tennessee is an outwardly directed person, not comfortable with the spotlight. He deflects attention from his achievements, preferring the well-being of the group. Teachers of Tennessee have written, ‘Tennessee is a pleasant young man who is down to earth, mature, and good natured,’’Tennessee possesses a wonderful energy, and he is a very positive member of the class,’ and ‘in AP English class he is an amiable, outgoing, sage individual who has already earned the respect of his peers.’”



Dedicating ourselves to making a positive contribution to our community and world

Fall 2016 selection: Aida Loggiodice ’17

“Aida’s advisor writes, ‘Without offense to the other virtues being recognized, Service is the queen of them all because at least three of the others are contained within her and play at her feet like children. Pure service is nothing but the alliance of Compassion, Humility, and Respect determined to act as a team. In service they come alive and become actors, standing with locked arms and raised fists, eager for the opportunity to showcase their talents. So how to praise Aida for her service? How to praise three in one? Let's just say that her eyes take your hand, her smile begins to caress it, and her voice does the same to your other hand, pledging faithful devotion.’”



Making sacrifices in the present to build a better future

Fall 2016 selection: Lewis Mosho Jr. ’18

“Lewis’s advisor writes, ‘Lewis is a mature young man who listens well to others and works hard in order to achieve his and others’ goals. His collaborative approach builds up the school spirit and ambiance. Both in and out of the classroom he strives to put effort in now so that the future is best for himself and others.’ His teachers write, ‘Lewis is a hardworking student, and he is an important participant in our class discussions. He is thoughtful and inquisitive, and he tries to remain open-minded and balanced in his analyses of the texts and topics that we cover. I also very much appreciate and look forward to his bright smile every day. Lewis is often laughing with friends and he comes to class with a positive attitude, ready to learn.’”

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