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Food Service Supervisor
Posted 03/16/2018 03:58PM

Position: Food Service Supervisor
Department: Food Service/Catering (Personale)
Supervisor: Business Manager

General overview of position:

The Food Service Supervisor supervises the Food Service Catering team and dining rooms, where 1400 servings (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are distributed seven days a week to the 260 employees and 710 students, of which 260 are Boarding students, at TASIS. The Food Service Supervisor contributes to the good image of the School and sustains the strong TASIS brand with the external community, internal staff, and students. Having a satisfying dining experience in a beautiful, clean, and efficient dining hall is of major importance for TASIS, as it reveals how the School is managed. Courtesy, flexibility, and efficiency are imperatives for this position.

Main responsibilities include the following:

  • Management of food service, including serving, orders, and cleaning
  • Management of the Food Service team
  • Ensure safety of the diners, especially students
  • Work at special events (Banquets, Galas, Presentations, Formal Dinners, etc.)

Additional specific responsibilities:

  • Ensure the efficient functioning of the food service in De Nobili, Belvedere, Hadsall, and Focolare
  • Take care of the beauty of the dining rooms, including the furnishings and decorations during the food service and/or special events
  • Direct and monitor the work of the staff of the Food Service Team (dining halls and dish-washing rooms) at all meals within every serving area in De Nobili, Belvedere, Hadsall, and Focolare
  • Coordinate the dining hall services, taking care to manage correctly the workload needed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch, and special events
  • Receive students and employees with courtesy, presenting the various dishes of the menu in two languages (English/Italian translation of the dishes served at the buffet)
  • Serve dining hall guests at the counter without being exempt from doing the regular service tasks throughout a meal
  • Personally support the Food Service Team in its cleaning activities (where necessary), without being exempt from carrying out any kind of needed cleaning activity
  • Coordinate with the Kitchen Team and the Operations Manager for special menus (allergenic, vegetarian) to be served in the dining rooms at school meals
  • Set up the monthly work plan of the Food Service Team and organize recovery of extra hours worked and holidays. Share the monthly work plan with the Food Service Team, the Business Manager (BM), and Human Resources (HR)
  • Order cleaning materials for dining halls, toilets, and offices in De Nobili (Reception floor). Keep an inventory of all products.
  • Order crockery, napkins, tablecloths (everything needed for the catering service). Keep an inventory and share it with the Business Office.
  • Collaborate actively with the Chef and the Kitchen Team for the organization of the dining hall, catering service, food orders (hot and cold buffet), and drinks to be reinstated during the service depending on the needs and the number of users present at each service.
  • Verify and count daily attendance (students, Faculty, and Staff) at the central dining hall (De Nobili) during all meals (breakfast, lunch or brunch, and dinner) and in all other dining rooms (Belvedere, Hadsall, and Focolare)
  • Inform the Chef and the Kitchen Team of any issues encountered during the service
  • Coordinate service with the person responsible for Family-Style Dinners
  • Coordinate with the Facilities Manager for the service of lunches for Accommodation, Maintenance, and all other personale departments, including Laundry
  • Coordinate with MS (Middle School) and ES (Elementary School) for special services or special events
  • Collaborate with the Summer Program directors (CDE, MSP, TSP, and DPAT) in order to coordinate every meal and, in particular, changes to the program and special events
  • Collaborate with Alumni, Admissions, Headmaster, and Assistant to the Chairman of the Board in order to organize the service for special events
  • Coordinate with the Scheduling Committee in order to manage openings and closures for every dining hall (De Nobili, Belvedere, Hadsall, and Focolare)
  • Immediately inform and collaborate with HR if any situation or issue related to Human Resources arises
  • Manage (with the support of HR and BM) the “annual performance evaluation” process for the Food Service Team
  • Work together with HR and BM to understand the needs of training and courses for the Food Service Team
  • Collaborate with the Maintenance and Accommodation teams in order to coordinate the cleaning activities of every single dining hall space and the De Nobili offices
  • Collaborate with the Maintenance Team in order to efficiently manage the service during extraordinary events and ensure that the venue is properly cleaned afterward
  • Use all tools with extreme care and diligence and only for professional purposes
  • Be available to perform any task relevant to the position assigned by the BM and the School in line with the provisions of Swiss law

Summary of relevant educational, professional experiences, and skills requested:

  • Food Service Diploma or similar
  • Certification of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is essential
  • The Food Service Supervisor must be proficient in handling food and have an understanding of food conservation and recovery. He or she must also know how to properly handle dishes and cutlery in order to avoid bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Proven multi-year (at least 5 years) experience in Food Service or Catering
  • Proven multi-year (at least 5 years) experience in management of resources
  • Fluent in English and Italian. Knowledge of other languages will be considered a plus.
  • Extreme courtesy, flexibility, and professional attire
  • Proficient use of Office Suite software, in particular Word and Excel
  • Detail-oriented and precise
  • Effective and diplomatic communicator
  • Customer-service skills, organizational skills, and business sense
  • Problem solving approach and motivational leadership

If you are interested in applying for this position, please complete the Staff Employment Application, and send a brief letter of interest and an updated resume to Ms. Vanessa Perni at

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