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Swimming SGIS

Event Type: Regular

Date: January 27, 2019


Event Recap:

3rd place in 200m Medley Relay (2:52): Raffaela Alencar Barros ’19, Airi Barnes '20, Valentina Alencar Barros ’22, and Olivia Garcia-Atance Arimont '22 

3rd place in 200m Medley Relay (2:23): Patryk Herok '20, Lorenzo Correa da Silva '22, Marco de Cristofaro '20, and Emiliano Rodriguez Melguizo '21 

2nd place in 50m Butterfly: Patryk Herok '20

3rd place in 50m Freestyle: Patryk Herok '20

2nd place in 200m Freestyle Relay (2:29:39): Raffaela Alencar Barros ’19, Airi Barnes '20, Valentina Alencar Barros ’22, and Olivia Garcia-Atance Arimont '22  

3rd place in 200m Freestyle Relay  (1:57.64): Patryk Herok '20, Lorenzo Correa da Silva '22, Marco de Cristofaro '20, and Emiliano Rodriguez Melguizo '21 

The Varsity Boys and Girls Swimming team is not large this year, but it is united and determined. Our first competition of the season—the SGIS Championships in southern France—was about eight weeks into the season. The team was hampered a bit with three absent members (one ill and two participating in the Model UN), but the members were supportive of each other and pulled off some excellent results.

Arriving in Village-Neuf (where International School of Basel hosted the competition), the team rested after a nearly four-hour drive. In the 200m medley relay, the girls team of Raffaela Alencar Barros ’19, Airi Barnes '20, Valentina Alencar Barros ’22, and Olivia Garcia-Atance Arimont '22 and the boys team of Patryk Herok '20Lorenzo Correa da Silva '22Marco de Cristofaro '20, and Emiliano Rodriguez Melguizo '21 finished in third place—the girls in a time of 2:52, and the boys  in a time of 2:23. Way to get off to a great start!

Turning around just 15 minutes later, Raffaela Alencar Barros dove into the water again for the toughest event in the competition—the 200-meter freestyle. Two minutes and fifty-nine seconds later, she finished in 4th place at the championships. Not wanting to leave a question in anyone’s mind about how strong she is, Alencar Barros then jumped in the pool for a third time in 45 minutes to compete in the second most challenging event in the lineup—the 100-meter individual medley (25 meters of each of the four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle). She was joined this time by freshman Garcia-Atance Arimont. The girls finished in 9th and 10th place overall with times of 1:32 and 1:37. Rounding off our versatile contingent of swimmers, junior veteran team member Herok put in a valiant effort in the same event—finishing in 4th place with a time of 1:10. 

Moving into the sprint events, the freestylers started the Tigers off with some great results: Airi Barnes in 13th place with a time of 37.5 seconds, Valentina Alencar Barros in 16th place with a time of 40.8 seconds, and Samantha Walker '19 in 17th place with a time of 47.5 seconds.

In the same event for the boys, the following blazed across the pool: Herok in 3rd place with a time of 27.7 seconds, Correa da Silva in a tie for 6th place with a time of 29.6 seconds, and de Cristofaro in 8th place with a time of 29.8 seconds.

Changing to a non-freestyle event, freshmen participants Maja Pszczola and Valentina Alencar Barros produced some great times in the 50-meter backstroke. Pszczola touched in 4th place in just over 42 seconds, followed by Alencar Barros in 47.8 seconds.

Returning to the freestyle, this time the 100-meter distance, some familiar names put up some impressive numbers: Raffaela Alencar Barros finished in 6th place overall in 1:18.5, Pszczola finished 8th with a time of 1:24.5, and Garcia-Atance Arimont finished 11th with a time of 1:29.5.

Finishing up the competition in the non-freestyle events of butterfly and breaststroke, the tired but determined swimmers gave it their best. In the 50-meter breaststroke, Valentina Alencar Barros tied Walker for 11th place in 52.2 seconds, and on the boys side, Correa da Silva stroked to 6th place in 40.4 seconds. 

In the 50-meter butterfly, medley star Garcia-Atance Arimont completed the course in 45.2 seconds for 8th place while fellow medley relay team members Barnes and Pszczola took 9th and 10th with times of 50.4 and 51.3 seconds, respectively.

For the boys in the same event, Herok sped to a 2nd-place finish in 30.1 seconds (just 0.55 seconds from a gold medal), and de Cristifaro showed his strength by finishing in 34.7 seconds for 7th place.

To cap off the day’s excellent efforts, the 200-meter freestyle relay teams blazed to 2nd and 3rd place finishes. The 2nd-place girls team of Raffaela Alencar Barros,  Barnes, Valentina Alencar Barros, and Garcia-Atance Arimont finished in 2:29:39, just 3:45 seconds from a gold medal, and the 3rd-place boys team of Herok, Correa da Silva, de Cristofaro, and Rodriguez Melguizo blasted to a time of 1:57.64—just 2.17 seconds from a silver medal.

Great job by all the swimmers. We look forward to the full squad competing in its next and final meet on March 8–9!

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