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Golf SGIS Championships

Event Type: Regular

Date: April 25, 2017

Score:1st place in category C and D, 3rd place category B, TASIS Team 3rd place

Event Recap:

William Stanford-1st place category C

Francesco Attili-1st place category D

Skye Rourke-3rd place category B

TASIS Varsity Golf-3rd place out of 14 teams

The TASIS Varsity Golf Team went to Gruyere on Tuesday to participate in the fourteen-team SGIS (Swiss Group of International Schools) Championship. Golf is hard and frustrating in the nicest of weather conditions, so imagine what the varsity team endured on Tuesday with temperatures in the low teens, heavy wind, and driving rain all day. By the time players reached the second hole, they were virtually soaked through. About 60 golfers competed in this event, and the weather negatively impacted everyone. Despite these conditions, the varsity team played extraordinarily well. The first seven holes are narrow with out-of-bounds everywhere, and even though there was a consistent 20 MPH wind, our players kept the ball in play and made shots when they needed to. Judging speed of putts on a wet green is challenging, and these greens gave our players fits all day. One problem is that golfers never practice in inclement weather, so when the time comes to play in bad weather, nobody is really prepared. Fortunately our team plays through the week and on weekends, so they were able to battle the elements successfully. Ultimately the TASIS varsity golf team finished in 3rd place in the fourteen team field. Coach Brown and I couldn't be happier with this effort and look forward to another great performance n Paris at the ESC Championship in late May.

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