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Soccer - Girls (JV) SGIS

Event Type: Regular

Date: October 3, 2019

Result:Third place
Score:LACHAT, ISG 0 - TASIS 4; TASIS 0 - ZIS 0; TASIS 1 - CDL 3, IS Berne 0 – TASIS 4, ISL 1 - TASIS 0, TASIS 3 - Aiglon 0

Event Recap:

Submitted by Coach Tony Shelley


The first game of the tournament started well although the half-time score of 0-0 did not reflect TASIS’ overwhelming possession and control of the game. The team stuck to the game plan to pass, move and create space and in the second half LACHAT capitulated with TASIS scoring four goals. Midfielder Alejandra Cova (2022) scored three, with one from Valentina Alencar Barros (2022). TASIS defense worked well with LACHAT not taking a single shot on goal. Three points to TASIS.


ZIS were well organised and difficult to break down defensively. TASIS also looked organised and negated any attacking threat from ZIS who barely had a shot on goal the entire match. TASIS had most of the possession and territory including three of four very close chances on goal which had the Coach celebrating, only to realize the ball had hit the side netting. TASIS were unlucky not to win this but picked up a valuable point.


College Du Leman were very well drilled and purposeful in their play. They moved the ball well and had pace, particularly on the right side which is where their first goal came from. To negate this TASIS moved Carly Bachofen (2022) back into left defense to counter CDL’s speed and strength in that area. This helped but the problem for TASIS was the girls were really tired and running out of energy in this game having played straight after a demanding ZIS fixture; whereas CDL had had a 60 minute rest time. Ultimately, this was the difference between the sides and CDL went on to win the tournament. In different circumstances, the score might have been different. A goal from Carly Bachofen (2022) in the second half indicated the potential of TASIS and attacking threat when the in the opponent’s penalty area.

IS Berne 0 – TASIS 4

After a couple of difficult matches, it was good to get back into winning ways against a persistent IS Berne team. TASIS controlled the play from start to finish and it was great for goalkeeper Emily Alvarado (2023) to get another clean sheet. Goals came from Carly Bachofen (2022, hat-trick) and one from Alejandra Cova (2).


ISL were a formidable opponent. They were strong in every position and created many chances. Having analysed ISL’s previous game, TASIS were able to execute an effective strategy aimed at stifling ISL’s play. The plan was to score early and then clear our lines defensively. When Paloma Sanz de Santamaria Garces’s (2023) late free-kick hit the crossbar and appeared to go in, it looked like this had worked. Sadly, ISL broke down TASIS defense with just a minute or so to go from a following counter play. It was very much a game of ‘what if’s’ as TASIS were down to 7 players for the whole game (and tournament) now after midfield Alejandra Cova (2022) went off early with a sore ankle. It was very much the best spirited team performance of the tournament with the whole team working so hard defensively to keep TASIS in the game for so long. Despite not feeling 100% fit, but forced to play Jane Wilson (2022) showed great commitment and leadership in this match, as did Maria Lorena Organista Govela (2022) who worked tirelessly as a defensive midfielder.

TASIS 3 - Aiglon 0

Despite still only having 7 players and playing a first half of nearly 17 minutes (instead of 10), the team performed strongly to finish the game. Two goals from Paloma Sanz de Santamaria Garces (2023), who really stepped up as a leader in midfield, and another from Carly Bachofen (2022) were a fitting way to end the tournament. Again TASIS looked defensively strong.

Throughout the tournament, TASIS was fortunate to draw upon leadership from its Captain, Carly Bachofen (2022) who scored goals and showed flexibility and leadership by playing out of position. Co-Captains Alejandra Cova (2022) who passed the ball well and always looked like scoring, and Zhamilya Mussaibekova (2022), also performed strongly. Zhamilya Mussaibekova (2022) was impressive in defense and helping the team to keep 4 ‘clean sheets’, as was new goalkeeper Emily Alvarado (2023). Team spirits were high and the players were well-deserving of their bronze medals for finishing third overall. Had the tournament not taken place on our long weekend, and TASIS were able to call upon our full squad, perhaps the team might have finished higher. Credit to the girls for demonstrating such positive attitudes and sportsmanship.


Emily Alvarado (2023) - Goalkeeper
Carly Banochfen (2022) – Forward, Captain
Alejandra Cova (2022) – Midfielder, Co-Captain
Zhamilya Musseibekova – Defender, Co-Captain
Jane Wilson (2022) – Defender, Left Wing-back
Paloma Sanz de Santamaria Garces (2023) – Defender, Right Wing-back; Midfielder
Valentina Alencar Barros (2022) – Striker
Maria Lorena Organista Govela (2022) – Defender, Defensive Midfielder

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