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Soccer - Boys (V) vs. American School of Milan (ASM)

Event Type: Regular

Date: September 21, 2019


Event Recap:

The Varsity Boys Soccer team challenged The American School of Milan (ASM) in a friendly match to open the 2019 season. It was a beautiful day in Lombardy, and both teams were charged and ready to bring their best. ASM showed early strength in the attack, challenging the TASIS backline led by Patryk Herok '20. The ASM attackers were fast and moved the ball quickly, soon finding the back of the net. Nevertheless, the Tigers responded with aggressive midfield play by Cristobol Rodriguez Melguizo '22 and Ianis Paval '20. TASIS keepers Enzo Tondo '20 and Riccardo Baroni '22 both gave solid performances and had some incredible saves, but ASM held possession and continued its advance. The TASIS boys worked tirelessly to keep up, but the opponent's aggressive pressure and positioning would award them a 4-0 win at the final whistle.


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