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TASIS to Host 6th Annual Walk for Water on April 25
Posted 04/16/2018 05:10PM

The student-directed TASIS Service Learning Board will host the 6th Annual Walk for Water on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 25. The event, which consists of carrying a 10–20 kilogram bucket of water around a one-kilometer course in order to simulate what many people in the developing world must go through daily to secure clean water, will help generate funds for clean water initiatives carried out by Gram Vikas, a TASIS Global Service Program partner that has been working with the rural people of Orissa, India, for nearly 40 years with the aim of building an equitable and sustainable society where people live in peace with dignity.

Students of all ages and their family members are encouraged to participate in this year’s event. Participants should wear a blue shirt and can report to the gazebo by the main campus entrance at any time between 15:30–17:45 to begin the walk, which takes less than half an hour to complete. No water will be wasted: it will all be recycled into the School's underground holding tank and used for gardening.

Global Service Program Director Zach Mulert also asks families to please consider pledging their support for this important cause by donating a small amount of money for each person who completes the walk. “Whether you donate CHF 1 for every participant (last year we had over 125 people do just that!), or set a cap—for example, CHF 1 for up to 50 participants—our collective efforts will not only incentivize students to participate but will also make a direct impact on those without access to clean drinking water,” he said. Please contact Mr. Mulert at to make a pledge.

Inspired by Sarah Wyler ’13, the Walk for Water has now rallied more than 500 participants and raised more than CHF 5600 for clean water initiatives in Nepal, Kenya, and India—countries where the Global Service Program continues to send students. A record 119 TASIS students, faculty, staff, and community members completed last year’s walk, raising more than CHF 1100.

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