Where Do TASIS Students Go To College?

Any student graduating from TASIS has earned, at a minimum, a standard US-accredited High School Diploma and can expect to gain admission to quality universities, particularly in the United States. Students who are driven to find a home at one of the world’s most selective universities can do so by pursuing an International Baccalaureate Diploma (as 49 of 109 students in the Class of 2020 did) or by taking a number of Advanced Placement courses and scoring highly on the corresponding exams. Students may further bolster their candidacy by performing well on standardized tests, writing excellent personal statements, securing strong reference letters, and exhibiting an impressive commitment to some combination of the arts, athletics, local and global service, and leadership positions on or off campus.

In short, there are many paths to success at TASIS. Below we examine the roads traveled by a number of recent graduates.

Well-rounded Postgraduate Bound for Boston College
Posted 09/08/2017 08:00AM

Caimin LongCaimin Long ’17 (United States), who came to TASIS as a senior and stayed for a postgraduate year, will study General Management at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, which he selected over College of the Holy Cross and Santa Clara University.

Caimin earned an IB Diploma while also finding time to take three AP classes—Calculus AB at TASIS and English Language and Composition and US History at his previous school—and score two 5s and a 4 on the corresponding exams. He is particularly proud of the 5 he earned on the AP Calculus exam after taking the class with Ms. Kerry Venchus, whose 12 students earned nine 5s and three 4s. “I will always remember Ms. Venchus' course because of how much work and effort my classmates and I put in to prepare ourselves for the exam,” he said.

Caimin is ready to take the next step and believes he has been prepared well for life at Boston College. “I do believe that my time at TASIS has prepared me for the academic rigors of college,” he said. “Balancing the six classes of the IB Diploma Program and all its accompanying components with my social life and athletics taught me how to manage my time efficiently.”

Although he intended to pursue an engineering degree in college when he started at TASIS, Caimin grew more interested in business over the course of his two years in Switzerland. “The creativity involved with starting your own business and operating it very much interests me,” he said. “I also believe that the people here at TASIS and the international aspect of the School influenced my decision to focus on business.”

“Getting to know people that come from very different backgrounds than myself was a tremendous experience. I made very strong friendships during my two years at TASIS and hope I retain them for the rest of my life.”

Caimin also gives credit to the TASIS College Counseling Office for influencing his path and helping him achieve his goals. “In the beginning of the long and complicated application process, Mr. Greg Birk was very upfront and frank with me,” he said. “He wanted me to definitely apply to schools that would be difficult to get into, and he especially wanted me to apply to schools that I would have the best chance of getting into. The guidance aspect of the College Counseling Office made the application process tremendously straightforward. Mr. Birk was always very easy to get in touch with, and he was always able to meet when I requested.”

Outside the classroom, Caimin captained the Varsity Swimming team, played Varsity Rugby and Varsity Lacrosse, earned a Dorm Proctorship, was a student member of the Senior Humanities Program, and served as a student leader for the Gram Vikas Global Service Program group. He described the latter experience as his most inspirational at TASIS. “Visiting the villages that Gram Vikas aided with their work in clean water and sanitation was a life-changing experience,” he said. “In fact, I did not want to leave India at the end of our trip because of how inspiring and powerful it was.”

Caimin concedes that moving on from TASIS will be bittersweet, but he expects his connection to the School to remain strong in the coming years. “I will definitely miss the people from all over the world here,” he said. “Getting to know people that come from very different backgrounds than myself was a tremendous experience. I made very strong friendships during my two years at TASIS and hope I retain them for the rest of my life.”


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